We've been hiding a secret from everyone for a while. We've got a badge maker! Its a massive cast-iron thing that was apparently once owned by brummie crust-punks, Doom (although we can't prove this). It looks like this:




We have the everything we need to print the classic 25mm badges, but also parts for the machine to create larger 70s style ones too. HOWEVER (and its a big however) we do not currently have the larger badge parts in stock because we decided to test the badge-making-water with a standard size.


We're currently charging £35 for 100 badges (including VAT but excluding delivery).


We have a template for you drop your artwork into (click here to access it!) but you need Photoshop for it to work because it is composed using layers. Your artwork needs to be on its own layer between the outer ring and the inner ring. There is an intructional layer on top that you will need to hide or delete.


Don't hesitate to contact us if design program jargon is not your thing, we are more than happy to help you out or drop your artwork into the template ourselves if you're having trouble deciphering this information.


Happy badging!

Footprint Workers Co-op