We print three styles of CD wallet:

  • Inlay cards for Jewel Cases
  • Single pocket CD wallet
  • Double pocket CD wallet

We also print 7" record sleeves, and inlay cards and booklets for 7" or 12" records but we don't print 12" record sleeves. 

With card cases and wallets we do the printing and then take them to a finishers to be die-cut and glued.


It's cheaper to use a cutting design that we have used before such as the sleeves mentioned on this page. Doing something novel is possible but would cost around £40 extra to make up a new cutting form.


If you're looking to cut costs we can get your sleeves cut and scored but not glued. For 200 sleeves that'd save you about 30 quid, and you can then  get a bunch of mates round and feed them beer to do the job for you rather than paying us.

With all of these formats, if you want the printed image to run to the edge of the paper then you need to add bleed to your design.


Jewel Case

Jewel Cases are your standard plastic cd case which have a printed backing sheet and a removable inlay card.

Single pocket card CD Wallettorn-apart

These simple card cases have printing on the front and back, and can be made with or without a thumb cut.


Double pocket card CD wallet (lancing style)

This is our most popular CD wallet.
It has space for two CDs or a CD and an inlay card.
Your artwork appears on the front and back, and inside front and back and on the spine. It can be made with or without the thumb cut


Download our pdf template to help you lay out your design.

7" & 10" record sleeves

Like the single pocket CD sleeve this is a simple sleeve with artwork on the front and back.

Inlays & Wraparound sleeves for 7" and 12" Records

black_dogsWe can also print inlay cards or booklets to be inserted into booklets 7" or 12" record sleeves, and wraparound sleeves too (ie piece of card folded in half to be put round the record and inserted in a plastic sleeve).

We printed a gorgeous 12" booklet for this record by Leeds based art collective Black Dogs.




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