georgezine Georgezine is a gorgeous little booklet from the designers of the WorDiary – a hand drawn diary featuring articles about radical politics, DIY culture and low impact living. Georgezine followed the exploits of a blind cat prone to terrorising the neighbourhood.


Technofixes: A critical guide to climate change technologies Corporate Watch’s Technofixes report tells you everything you need to know about the fake climate change solutions that are presented to us by government and industry. If you want to know why climate change campaigners are worried about nuclear power, biofuels, carbon capture and storage or hydrogen technologies, or if you think covering deserts in plastic is a great way to solve the greatest threat humanity faces, then have a read of technofixes. techno-fixes


low impact development Low Impact Development: The future in our hands. Low Impact Development was one of the biggest jobs Footprint has taken on and we’re pleased to have helped put it out into the world. The book explores different forms of sustainable housing from single structures to entire communities and from yurts and benders to roundhouses. The book includes inspiring stories and beautiful full colour photographs of pioneering low impact homes.


Outside Agitators: Reflections on Resistance in Rossport Since 2000, the small community of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland has prevented Shell from building and operating a potentially devastating onshore gas refinery and high pressure pipeline in their remote and environmentally sensitive region. Shell has enjoyed the full support of the Irish state. But the spirited resistance of the local community has meant that, five years after the refinery was intended to be fully operational, the project is still in its infancy. This pamphlet gives an overview of some of the reasons people travel from the UK to support the struggle in Mayo. outside agitators 



Low Impact Living Onboard is a group of eco minded boaters living on the water ways of the UK. Their handbook gives boaters advice on things such as running on recycled vegetable oil, insulation, 12v electrics, growing food, hot water, maintenance etc. We don’t print that booklet (indeed it may even only be web based) but we did print some postcards for them. They held a photographic competition and the winning 25 designs got made into postcards. It took at least 6 months from getting the first versions of the images to getting decent quality pictures off them but the results were well worth the wait. Visit LILO at


Holidarity: taking time out from ‘normal’ life to spend time in a beautiful location while engaging in politically useful activity with a community in struggle. Holidarity Zine is a really gorgeous, 140 cm2 booklet. Back to basics, the graphics were done by hand, and the designer scanned in fabrics to create wonderfully different background textures, which came out beautifully on the riso. holidarity


Hyde Park Heat

Hyde Park Heat

The creators of Hyde Park Heat print on a tight budget and are happy to do the DIY thing as far as they can to get as many copies on the street as possible. It is a 20 odd page A4 newsletter / zine full of stuff in and around the Leeds 6 postcode. It balances being a useful resource for students and bringing in wider issues of living in LS6. It has a fair spattering of local politics all served up with lashings of humour.


Angry at the Bus Stop

One of our favourites amongst the many punk/diy music fanzines that we print, Angry at the Bus stop combines gig reviews, record reviews and interviews alongside articles on issues from grassroots activism to vegan food. The features are accompanied by energetic, pencil-drawn illustrations which give the zine a really stylish take on the DIY aesthetic. Check out this and other zines at CornDog Publishing Zine Distro and we make zines, an online community for zine makers and readers.


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