We aim to be the most environmentally friendly printing company possible.




Our standard paper stocks are 85-100% post consumer waste recycled paper (either Evolve papers, Evercopy or Cyclus). We can get a wide range of colours in recycled paper and card and recycled gummed paper. But we still haven't been able to source recycled sticker paper. Since we started trading in 2000 we have run less than a dozen jobs on non-recycled paper when comparable recycled stock could not be found.


We don't print on glossy paper as we are under the impression that either china clay will be used in its production, or it will be plastic-coated. If you look at the pictures of china clay open cast mines on the site of photographers Adrian Warren and Dae Sasitorn, you'll understand why we don't use glossy paper.


If you live locally we are happy to supply you with small quantities of our standard recycled papers at cost price (which, bearing in mind we buy it in bulk, should make it cheaper than you could get on the high street).


Printing Processes

The vast majority of our printing is carried out on Risograph machines. These machines require none of the nasty chemicals associated with lithographic printing and don't require heat or cooling (like some litho processes or laser printing). There are no solvents or alcohol and they use soya inks rather than petrochemical derrived ones.


Our Laser printer is not infact a laser printer but an LED printer. This is used for short run colour jobs and uses less power than a laser printer and produces a far superiour print. We're still quite pleased with it.


We get our electricity from Good Energy, a genuinely 100% renewable electiricty supplier.


Other Eco Activities


We currently support tree planting through Treesponsibility both financially and by volunteering. We don't agree with the idea that planting a few trees can in any way 'offset' or counteract your carbon usage. However, Treesponsibility isn't just about relieving carbon guilt as they are actively reforesting our local area thus helping to prevent erosion, increase bio-diversity and stabilise old slag heaps.


Do you have more information?

If you have any information on environmentally friendly printing products then please get in touch. Any information on tree-free paper, British-made high percentage post-consumer waste recycled paper, or recycled stickers would be appreciated.


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