You can phone or e-mail for a quote.

If you e-mail please be sure to include the following information (preferably in this order)

  1. What the finished job will look like,
    e.g. double sided A5 flier or ...
    36 pp A4 booklet + card cover (40pp altogether).
    By 'pp' we mean 'printed pages' imagine if your booklet pages were numbered like a newspaper with the first page being page 1 and the last page being page 40. This is 40pp. One A3 sheet folds in half to make a 4pp A4 booklet.
  2. How many copies you need.
  3. What sort of paper or card you want it on.
  4. What colours of ink you need.
  5. If you will collect or need it delivering.
  6. The name of the job (publication or project name something we can call the quote so we'll be able to find it again when you have the job ready)
  7. Your phone number (Some exchanges of information are sorted out a lot quicker and easier over the phone than over e-mail)

Call us on 0113 262 4408 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you are not sure of the quantity that you want, it doesn't matter but we do need to have a rough idea. Many of the e-mails we get asking for a quote don't tell us how many copies are required, which makes quoting impossible. You may not know for sure yourself, but you've probably got a better idea than we have. We're happy to give quotes for several different quantities of the same thing. If you are working to a budget you can tell us how much you have to spend and we can tell you how many you can get for that.



VAT stuff


As of April 2015, Footprint is VAT Registered. However, we'll never add VAT onto an estimate that we give you. All of our quotes include VAT when necessary and breakdowns of VAT will appear on our invoices. Not all print jobs do attract and the rules aren't obvious.  For a really good explanation of VAT regulations on print, consult Tom The Printer


A general rule is that books, booklets and flyers (over 50 copies) are zero rated and therefore do not attract any VAT. Most of the other stuff that we have the facilities to print will include VAT, but as stated above, we will always include this in our quotes to avoid any potentially nasty surprises.

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