We hold a number of types of paper in stock. When we hold paper in stock it means that when we quote we will only quote for the amount that we estimate that we will use to print your job. If you choose a paper that we do not hold in stock we will charge you for whole reams ordered. We do however try to keep some reams of popular colours of Evercolour, Landscape and Millstream in stock for short run jobs so you may be lucky.


Please note that the prices quoted are liable to change. We have included them for comparison reasons. We will update them occasionally but probably not every time the price increases.


The colours shown are a guide only and will vary from computer monitor to computer monitor (though they are a good guide).




White papers we hold in stock - Prices to be used as a guide only


Evercopy Plus 80gsm, off white, £15.30 / 1000 A3 sheets.

Evercopy Premium 80gsm, bright white, £16.68/ 1000 A3 sheets.

Evercopy Premium 100gsm, bright white, £26.70 / 1000 A3 sheets.
Corona Offset 100gsm, slightly off white, £30.57 / 1000 SRA3 sheets

Arden Offset 100gsm, bright white £59 / 1000 SRA3 sheets


Card (used mainly for lightweight booklet covers)
Cyclus Offset 170gsm, £109 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (Slightly off white)
Arden Offset 160gsm, £66 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (bright white)


Card (used for heavier weight booklet covers and business cards)
Cyclus Offset 250gsm, £161 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (slightly off white)
Cyclus Offset 300gsm, £195 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (slightly off white)

Arden Offset 250gsm, £152 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (bright white)
Arden Offset 300gsm, £182 / 1000 SRA3 Sheets (bright white)




Coloured paper and card we hold in stock




This papeEvercolourr comes in one weight and size - 80gsm A3. It's £21 per 1000 A3 sheets


These pale shades don't look like much on this screen but compared to white or offwhite there's a striking variation in the final aesthetic, particularly with riso print as the ink is is slightly translucent and will be altered by the tone of the paper it's printed on. We can send you samples if you want to see before making any decisions.


Darker papers gives poor contrast - remember it's usually the print that's the real deal, not the background colour. Certainly, if your design has text that is either plentiful or small you'd be well advised to use a lighter paper.






Context comes in a range of colours and also in weights of 80,110, 140, 225, 260 and 285 gsm. As the Evercolour range has reduced, we will buy in 80gsm Context colours as customers ask for them. Currently, we only have Context red in 80gsm.


We hold eight 170gsm Context colours in stock; red, pink, green, pistachio (a bit more glaring than it looks on this screen), yellow, azure blue, birch and stone.


We also have three 80gsm Context colours in stock: red, orange and yellow.Context 80gsm paper 2017


We are able to order other weights of Context paper, but we will have to charge you for the whole ream as we will not use it in the course of normal business.


For a the full range of Context colours and other papers, see our supplier, Paperback's site.




Cairn Eco Kraft


Eco Kraft one is a brown stock with a rough rustic texture, sort of like the tube in the middle of toilet roll.


It gets an uneven mottled effect when printed on which some of our customers really like as an aesthetic. That does mean that fine detail or small writing aren't always as clear as on office paper, but that hasn't stopped us getting decent results with something as small as a CD wallet. It's also really cheap.


We stock it in 100g paper (£23.66 per 1000 A3 sheets) and 280g card (£55.20 per 1000 A3 sheets).


We can also order it in 130g and 170g, but (as with any specially ordered paper) you have to pay for the whole pack no matter what proportion of it you use (we can send you the blank unused stuff with your order if you like).



Other papers are available


We get almost all our stock from a wholesale supply company called Paperback. They're an ethical company that only deals with recycled paper. If there's nothing on this page that tickles your fancy and hits your spot, have a shufty round  their site, we can readily get whatever they've got.






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