Getting your work to us



Feel free to post us your work to the address on the contact page. We can accept work on a USB stick, CD or DVD, and of course hard copy (aka camera ready)



Please don't email us large attachments (anything over a megabyte) as it just clogs up the e-mail system and takes ages to arrive anyway. Simply use mailbigfile.



If your file is under 100 megabytes you can use mail-big-file ( You will need to zip or rar all your files into a single file before you do this and tell it to send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively you can send lots of separate files in one go using transfer-big-files (, but please email us straight after so we know who the work is from!



If you have your own web site then many customers find it easier to upload the files to their own site and e-mail us a link to download it from.




Considerations when sending electronic copy



When sending your work electronically (i.e. over email or on a CD) then please remember to include any weird and wonderful fonts as well as any images that your desktop publisher has linked to rather than embedded.



If you are creating a PDF then this is great but make sure that your application is not set to downsample or compress graphics. I believe that PDF was originally designed for use for creating files that would be good for internet use so most PDF creators reduce the quality of graphics as a default to save download time. This is not good for print and will mean images come out pixellated. Also choose to embed all fonts if possible. Not all fonts will allow you to embed so be careful, opening the document in acrobat and looking at the document properties under the file menu will tell you if a font has embedded or not.



Footprint Workers Co-op