Web Hosting from £35 per year


We currently host about 60 different websites for co-operatives, conventional small businesses, campaign groups, bands, artists, community groups and personal blogs.


We don't just host new sites - as we're cheaper than lots of other places, people can transfer existing sites over to us. It may well be easier than you think.


It's easy to use


When you sign up for web space with Footprint you get your own control panel. This enables you to set up as many e-mail addresses as you want as well as subdomains, MySQL databases, ftp logins, email lists etc.


It's cheap


For £35 a year you get 500mb of disk space and 5gb a month of bandwidth which is more than enough for most small companies or campaigns.


For £60 a year you get 2gb of disk space and 10gb of bandwidth and the ability to host 5 different websites within your space using addon domains.


Get in Touch


If you are interested in setting up a new site or moving your current site to our servers then please do get in touch

We are able to offer web hosting from the bargain price of £35 per year. This includes

500Mb Disk Space

5GB per month of Bandwidth

Unlimited e-mail addresses (POP, IMAP and Web based)

E-mail Forwarding

Unlimited Mysql databases

Unlimited subdomains


If you need a bit more space or bandwidth or if you would like some Add-on Domains the following prices apply. If you need more disk space or Bandwidth than this then get in touch and we'll sort it out

Disk Space
Monthly Bandwidth 
Addon Domains
Price per year
500 mb 5 gb 0 £35
2000 mb 10 gb 5 £60

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